Report from the summer

G - Alphabet Project

Just read about a great project that is happening up in Fitchburg.  The definition of public art is being turned on its head.  Instead of occupying a physical space within the city, Anna Schuleit Haber is working with The Fitchburg Sentinel and Enterprise newspaper to create a series of artworks that explores typography and the history of the city that will run on the newpaper’s front page for 26 days.  Beautiful innovation that engages the local community!

You can read more about the project in the Boston Globe: Globe

And you can see the project more directly at the Fitchburg Art Museum: FAM

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Summer Art Opportunities: Boston

Here’s a great article from describing the recent additions to the Boston art scene that exist in the public realm.  Many are around for a short time – get out and see them if you can!

Boston Public Art


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More Summer Opportunities: Maine

For those traveling to Maine this summer, stop by the Portland Art Museum.  In addition to beautiful rocky coasts, plump blueberries, tasty lobsters and mussels, the state of Maine contains art and artists who have been producing intriguing work for decades.  The PAM is showcasing some of this work in an intriguing show entitled Director’s Cut: Selections from the Maine Art Museum Trail.  From their website:

“Directors’ Cut: Selections from the Maine Art Museum Trail shares the rich cultural legacy of our state while providing a platform to highlight the visionary artists of our future. The world holds an enduring fascination with Maine, and this exhibition helps demonstrate why.”

You can learn more at: Director’s Cut


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Summer viewing opportunities

Summer is almost here and local museums and galleries will use these this time as an opportunity to show new and exciting work from young artists or take chances on curated group shows. In the next couple of days, we will let you know about some of the shows that summer will bring.  One of the exhibits we are looking forward to experiencing, once the dust settles here at Nobles, will take place at the DeCordova Museum:  Architectural Allusions, in their lovely sculpture park.  One of our favorites – Sol Lewitt (along with some young sculptors) will be featured.  Sometime this summer, pack a picnic and head to Lincoln to see the grounds of this lovely treasure of a museum and see what promises to be an intriguing show!

Lorenz Photography

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Octobasse: Monstrosity or Muse?

Cool little video explaining how the octobasse is constructed (art), works (science), and sounds (music).  Love the intersection of the three disciplines!


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The Death of Awe…

Betsy Vanoot sent on this is lovely, heartfelt read that explores one of the essential, art-experiential questions of the modern age:  can magic exist if we have unlimited access to what goes on behind the curtain?


The Death of Awe…

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Does anyone have $35.00 in quarters?



Brilliant young potter, Hans Chew from the School of the Arts Singapore, created a vending machine to dispense his pottery, thus creating an overlap between craft and commerce.  Senior project, anyone?

Vending Machine

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Female and Male Creativity…


In light of the excellent Nobles magazine that has just been published, highlighting some of the wonderful stories of coeducation at our school in the last 40 years, here is a review of Margaret Mead and her interpretation of Female/Male creativity by one of our favorite blogs: Brain Pickings.

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Curating for the Cure


 Curating for the Cure

Betsy Vanoot found this article on one of our favorite websites: Hyperallergic.  This story describes the inter-professional collaborations between a curator and a cancer treatment center.

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The Use of the Sketch

Interesting discussion in DigBoston about the use of the sketch in the courtroom.

Clear question that arises out of it: should camera’s be allowed in the courtroom and how is their absence/presence influencing our thoughts about trials?


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