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If you’re looking to expand your blog perusals, we offer some of the Visual Art department favorites for you to check out.  You could learn more about glazing techniques, or, um, cats.  All good for the upcoming vacation…

John Hirsch reads flakphoto.com, a digital archive of contemporary photography

Lisa Jacobson reads spoon and tamago, for the latest in Japanese art, design and culture

Betsy VanOot reads swiss-miss, a design/blog studio run by Tina Roth Eisenberg

John Dorsey follows woodfire artist Ashwini Bhat…also reads about all things beautiful and creative as seen through Andrea Pippins’ lens of Fly

Kelsey Grousbeck reads the tumblr Suri’s Burn Book, (a study in Suri and the people who will disappoint her)…also checks out, yes, wait for it… f
famous cat paintings on tumblr




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