Gordon Matta-Clark


Brooke Berger, our other artist in Foster Gallery who is showing with Anna Yeroshenko, also sites an artist who wrestled with architecture as an influence on her work.  Gordon Matta-Clark, who worked primarily during the 1970s, created work that straddled architecture, photography, performance, and intervention.  He often used abandoned buildings as his raw material, cutting them open and exposing the under structure.  In his short life, he challenged the architecture establishment and enlarged the scope of the Earth Art movement.  The Guggenheim Museum has an introductory page where you can learn more about him here.

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Paper Architects of Russia


Anna Yeroshenko, one of the artists whose work is currently on display in Foster Gallery, sites the movement of “Paper Architects” as an influence on her work.  The best known of this group is Brodsky and Utkin, two architects working in the Soviet Union during the period of Glasnost.  They are best known for their intricate and whimsical etchings, but have created numerous sculptures, buildings, blueprints, and objects.  You can learn more about the duo here.  Above is Brodsky and Utkin’s Monument of the Year 2000.

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In Honor of POTUS SOTU…


I’m not quite sure what needs to be said here: George Washington, Zombie Hunter.  This crazy vision of diplomatic negotiations gone haywire is the brainchild of the artist SharpWriter.  You can explore his work here.  Be sure to seek out George Bush riding a shark out of the back of Air Force One.  Hopefully, President Obama won’t have to use a lightsaber to defend the aftermath of his speech tonight!

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Middle School Art Night and Who Am I?


One of the great evenings of the school year approaches!  Tomorrow, starting at 5:45, the Visual Arts/Performing Arts Combo of Middle School Arts Night and the Choral Concert begins.  It is one of the special treats we enjoy here at school.  Middle School Who Am I? projects are showcased in Morrison Forum and there is an opening reception for the sculpture, prints, and drawings of the Middle School in Dawson Gallery as well as the Link.  Lisa Jacobson’s students always create dynamic work that explores both design and concept.  Above is Devon Tyrie’s beautiful and comic exploration of foreground, middle ground, and background.  After taking in the artwork, stay for the music!  The Choral Concert starts at 7:00pm in Lawrence Auditorium.

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An Intersection of Gender and Race

A very interesting interview came up in one of our favorite websites, Hyperallergic.  Steven Nelson, professor of art history at UCLA, talks about his field and the racial make-up of the teachers in this arena.  He also points out the gender imbalance at the higher levels of college hiring in art history.  You can read more about it here.


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The Empty Bowls Project


This year, Nobles Empty Bowls Project continued in its third iteration.  Five students from Classes V through I participated in an afternoon program that combined studio practice and community service.  Adrianna Brown, Omar Riaz, Michael Reiser, Liam Smith, and Alana Ozguc made over 70 bowls in the studio, fired them in the Makoto Yabe Memorial GreenFire kiln, and donated them in order to raise funds for the Dedham Food Pantry and 3 Squares.

You can learn more about the history of Empty Bowls here.

You can participate by coming down to the MAC, from 2-5, on November 6 (tomorrow!) and purchase a bowl (and soup) and help feed the hungry.  Special thanks goes to the Community Service Board, our friends from our sister school in China, who also made bowls, and to the Parents Association for helping to organize the fundraiser and BarBQ that is taking place at the same time

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The Curious Incident


This weekend, we got a chance to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time on Broadway.  It was an incredible experience, mixing inventive set design, outstanding acting, and beautiful writing.   Here’s a short interview with Bunny Christie, scenic and costume designer, on the logic she used to interpret Mark Haddon’s book for the stage.

Curious Incident

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The Ghost of Monet or ZZ Top?


As we get ready for Halloween next week, and looking for costume ideas for the annual “Best-Day-of-the-Year-for-a-Tour”, we came across this story in Cleveland.  Our money is on Billy Gibbons as the specter…


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The Power of the Rubber Duck



In response to Meghan and Caroline’s inspired and touching rubber duck installation, we decided to look around the world and find where else the rubber duck has been used in the art community.  We found an interesting one: Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman, has been creating large rubber ducks, “to spread joy around the world”, for 8 years.  These floating sculptures have appeared in Hong Kong (above), Amsterdam, Osaka, Sydney, and Pittsburgh among other places.  Last year, one of his ducks made an appearance in Los Angeles among the Tall Ships.  You can see more of Mr. Hofman’s ducks, crows, bunnies, and other sculptures at: Florentijn Hofman.

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Leap Before You Look



Tomorrow, at the ICA in Boston, a really interesting show opens that explores the influential experiment in education and the arts that produced such artistic luminaries as Buckminster Fuller, Cy Twombly, Ruth Asawa, Robert Rauschenberg, and Clara Porset.  Black Mountain College was established in 1933 near Asheville, North Carolina.   This from the ICA website:  “Influenced by the utopian ideals of the progressive education movement, it placed the arts at the center of liberal arts education and believed that in doing so it could better educate citizens for participation in a democratic society.”  The show runs from October 10 through January 24.  You can check out more at the link below:

Black Mountain College at the ICA

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