The Last Day of Service Camp

Yesterday marked the last day of 2013 Community Service camp, and we didn’t let the rain stop us from finishing strong. Four kids went with Sandi and Bill to the South End Hearth location to continue installing shelves and to frame the black and white photography that we created.

The rest of the group went with Linda and Kelsey to the JP location to clean up their shed and pack all of our supplies back onto the bus to bring to Nobles. Then we set up a tent in the rain and wrote thank you notes, finished up our paintings for Home for Little Wanderers, and cleaned and sorted our bins of supplies.

_DSC9385 _DSC9388 _DSC9389 _DSC9392 _DSC9394


Once all of our projects were finally completed, we met up with the South End crew at JP Licks for some well-earned ice cream!

photo 1

Then we went back to Nobles, put all of our supplies away, and spent the afternoon tie-dyeing our Service Camp shirts and watching a slideshow of the week’s activities. The slideshow can be found HERE

photo 2

Then every one who participated in Service Camp received a certificate recognizing the 35 hours of community service they completed this week! Julia and Daria, our wonderful CITs, held a mini graduation ceremony. Thank you for everything you did this week, you two!

_DSC9398 _DSC9399


And of course, though we are technically done with our camp, we are never done serving! We hope the kids had a great week and are excited about continuing to help their communities in the future.

Thank you!

Comm Serve Camp!


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