Day 3 of Service Camp: Greyhounds!

We’ve passed the halfway point for service camp, which is a sad thought until we realize just how many wonderful things we have already accomplished (as well as how much we have left ahead of us!)

Here are some excerpts from journal entries the kids wrote about the past couple days:

“Helping others gives you that feeling of accomplishment and self-gratitude. For example, we helped at a place called Cradles to Crayons. It helps inner city kids from birth to 12 who need clothes or school supplies or other things. There we had to clean and sort toys into different bins and see if they are usable or not. At the end of the day, we helped 75 kids! When I heard that number, I was a little shocked at first, and surprised. It was a great feeling to help that many people. That’s why I came to this camp, for service.”¬†-Brendan

“We went to Cradles to Crayons and sorted toys into specific categories such as action, pretend, board, and new. Quality control is when we sorted through “toy mountain,” a large pile of toys people have donated. We went through and examined each toy, throwing out the old gross ones (or broken) and cleaned the toys that were acceptable or up to the quality standards. It is important because it could be dangerous to give a child a broken toy and it is almost insulting to the child. We want them to have dignity, and receiving a broken toy shreds that. ” – Julia L.

“This year we are donating self made art pieces to the Home for Little Wanderers. This art can act as a conversation starter between the kids and their therapists. It will also help relax the kids and make them more comfortable in their environment. Currently, I am helping the campers make melted crayon art, which when finished looks similar to a melted rainbow explosion. I hope that the kids will find joy in our art and would be interested in making their own someday.” -Daria


Now, moving on to today! We spent the morning in Hopkinton at an organization called Greyhound Friends. Here, we learned about the horrible treatment greyhounds get at tracks, but also all the organizations and legal changes that are trying to help these impressive and kindhearted dogs. Then we cleaned out dog dishes, weeded the garden, cleaned windows, did laundry, and picked up poop to earn our prize: getting to walk and hang out with the dogs! Here are a million pictures:

_DSC9197 _DSC9201 _DSC9205 _DSC9208 _DSC9210 _DSC9213 _DSC9228 _DSC9238 _DSC9260 _DSC9265 _DSC9272 _DSC9284 _DSC9294 _DSC9306 _DSC9311 _DSC9347 _DSC9365


Everyone had a great time. Then they let us each go home with a dog! Just kidding, but if you are interested in supporting this wonderful organization or perhaps looking to adopt a greyhound, visit

After the greyhounds, we went back to JP to keep making art for Home for Little Wanderers and to nail and glue together the shelves to get them 100% ready for installation tomorrow!






We are very tired but very happy with what we have done and will continue to do this week, especially to see the shelves finished and successfully installed!

We are never done serving,

Comm serve camp!

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