Day 2 of Service Camp: Crayons and Carpentry

Today we spent the morning at the wonderful new Cradles to Crayons warehouse and office! Cradles to Crayons is an organization that provides toys, clothes, and school supplies to over 60,000 kids ages 0-12 in Massachusetts every year. They accept donations and volunteers to sort through said donations. For more information or to volunteer your time, visit




We had a brief orientation, then we went over to the toys section to do a “raw sort”. That meant we took bags of donations and pulled out the toys, counted their pieces, checked their condition, then cleaned and sorted them into types of toys. It was a great way to spend a morning!





Then it was back to the Hearth backyard to stain the shelves we sanded yesterday, and to begin some art projects for Home for Little Wanderers! We also took some time to make some peanut butter and oat dog treats for the greyhound rescue site we are going to tomorrow.








The early mornings are an adjustment for us all, but we are still having a great time this week and working hard!

We are never done serving,

Comm Serve Camp!

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