Community Service Camp has begun!



Summer service camp is underway! Day 1, we all showed up bright and early to load all of our snacks, carpentry materials, sawhorses, and art supplies into the bus.


Then we headed over to the headquarter building of Hearth, Inc. in the South End to get a tour from our wonderful coordinator, Jenny. Hearth offers housing, health, and social care to elderly people throughout Boston who otherwise would be homeless. To learn more about Hearth, Inc. visit



Then we set the kids loose to take black and white photos of the neighborhood that will decorate the dining room walls in that Hearth location._DSC9066



Here’s a couple images they came back with:





It was a great morning at Hearth, Inc!


After that, we headed right over to another Hearth building in JP to set up our construction and art site in their spacious backyard. We have a huge task of sanding, staining, assembling, and installing 40 shelves for each apartment in the South End Hearth location. These shelves are called “parcel shelves” and will be outside the doors so residents can place their groceries or purse on them to find their keys without having to bend down. They have them in one location and love them, so they asked us to make more!







We also got to hang out and chat with some of the residents of the unit. Darryl, one of the residents, even played some music for us while we worked!


And then, once we were done sanding, we got to start some art projects that will go to Home for Little Wanderers. But more on that tomorrow!



We’re never done serving,

Comm Serve Camp!

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