The Pull to Do Something

In light of the recent horrific events in Boston, many ideas and action plans are circulating all over our city. A traumatic, violent attack makes all of us yearn to “do something” in response; we feel shaken and saddened. Students, especially, often wonder what they can do to help after overwhelming incidents, and the need for healing ourselves as well, is all too real.
The Community Service Department (with the input of students) has been discussing an appropriate Nobles response to the tragic events at the Boston Marathon. Our hope is to provide a way for our community to participate together in a symbolic show of support for the victims of the bombing. We are currently collaborating on an idea to do an on-campus “Walk the Last Mile Together” event to “finish” the marathon for those who could not. We’ll design a mile loop on campus and walk past the Castle together. There will be a voluntary fundraising component to the event, and all proceeds will benefit the victims and their families.

If you are a member of the Nobles community and would like to offer ideas, or help us with logistics, please contact Linda Hurley or Sandi MacQuinn. If you have thoughts that might help us plan this safely we would love to hear from you. More will be forthcoming about the exact date and any other details.

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