Hurricane Sandy Relief Energizes Nobles

It’s hard not to feel helpless watching those floods engulf our neighbors and friends on the east coast–harder still to know what to do. Fortunately, Nobles students (thanks Nick Samel) and parent friends (thanks Kennie Grogan) are action oriented and urgent about responding. Graduate Chris Reynolds is procuring bolts of fleece from Polartec. And in the next few days, we are having a BLANKET MAKING MARATHON to send this Friday afternoon with a friend of student Caroline Muggia’s who is going to New York with more supplies. We hope to make a huge pile of fleece blankets–some to go now, some to give to graduate Misha Kaufman on November 24 when he comes to pick them up and return to New York. What can you do? Drop off a pair of sharp scissors, buy some hand warmers or gloves and leave them at the front desk, or donate a small LED flashlight to go along with the blankets. We do not have to merely feel sad for our countrymen. We can help!

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