“It’s Just Something in the Water, I Guess”

Each week I type up the list of service initiatives and projects that I know are going on for the coming 7 days. I send it down to the admission office so that prospective families, should they be interested, can see the types of commitments Nobles is pursuing currently. Each time I do, I notice that throughout the whole community from graduates to “sixies” a wealth of interesting engagement with the world is going on. From time to time, I am going to list them here. I am constantly surprised by the number and variety of ways that we are learning about the world around us: its complexity, its richness, and its multifaceted access points for connection. Look at what different people at Nobles are doing just this week:

Service for the Week of October 22-26

Afternoon Program
Riverdale Buddies
Cook’s Afterschool Program at Needham Housing Authority
Martha Jones School Afterschool Program
Community Servings
Oakdale School Homework Club

Student/X block Organization Initiatives
Human Rights Club Bakesale for “Karuna-Shechen” to benefit women and children of the Himalayas.
Guest speaker:  in Asian Cultural Club about women in Nepal
Young Democrats Club: collecting SAT/ACT prep books for high schoolers who need them
Academic Initiatives
Sages and Seekers: elder group visits with Expository Writing Class
Kenyan Project in Class IV English: making learning posters for Kenyan Schoolchildren

Service Programs
Achieve tutoring this Saturday for Boston Middle School children

In the planning stages:
Graduate Council planning for packaging 10,000 meals for food banks and shelters at the   Milton Games in November
Holiday projects to benefit Boys and Girls Club, Single Parent Family Outreach and Department of Children and Families.

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