Montana Wildfires Devastate our Service Partners the Northern Cheyenne Nation

Today in assembly, Linda Hurley showed a charred wreckage among the rolling, previously pine-covered hills of Montana where our friends used to live and work on the reservation of the Northern Cheyenne nation. Earlier, former college counselor and English teacher Kate Coon had alerted us to the wildfire damage with an email: “As some of you know and some of you don’t, the devastating wild fires out west this summer hit our great friends Zane and Sandy Spang (our Cheyenne Trailrider people)  burning their home to the ground… and quite a few other families as well. They made a harrowing escape as the flames came racing down the hill. They feel very fortunate to have gotten themselves and their puppies out alive, and that none of the horses died. BUT.. rebuilding is arduous, as we can all imagine. I communicate with Sandy and she is very honest about what’s going on.” Nobles has traveled to the reservation many times, staying on the grounds of Prayer Lodge in teepees (all which have now burned) and working with our tribal friends there to build a sweat lodge,  accompany them to local powwows, and painting at Dull Knife College in nearby Lame Deer. Now they could use our help. We will sell drinks and candy at tonight’s “Friday Night Lights” game, in order to buy some gift cards to send to the Cheyennes. Further efforts to reach out to them will continue over the next year. They plan to rebuild. Nobles plans to help.

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