Music for Change Sponsored by Nobles Faculty Member


You may not know these folks–but luckily for a Nobles faculty family, these musicians love to make an annual event of playing together for charity.  Jody McQuillan’s home is the site of this musical event. See below:

Each year, my husband Pat and I host a family-friendly fundraiser in our backyard to raise money for an educational center in Managua, Nicaragua affiliated with Boston College. We ask our friends and family to make donations and to buy raffle tickets for a football signed by Bill Belichick, and then we send the money directly to the center. Every dollar makes a significant difference since the center can hire a teacher for $85 /month.  Up to this point, we have raised nearly $30, ooo for the center.

This year, we had 5 different bands lined up from 2 pm to 6 pm! The event was sponsored, in part, by Vello’s restaurant in Westwood, Sam’s Liquors in Walpole, and All-Season Rentals in Norwood.  Attendees arrived, grabbed some food, & listened to music as they looked out over Buckmaster Pond. It was great time!

PS. Here is an article about the Gumbo Jam published in the local paper. Enjoy! And if you could not make it to the Gumbo Jam this year, please feel free to make a donation anyway. You can write a check to “Friends of Batahola” and the federal tax id  # is: 72-1513873.

Yep, we’re doing it again next year.

“Not your average backyard barbeque.”
Rolling Stone Magazine

For those of you unfamiliar with this event, the Buckmaster Gumbo Jam involves live music and fundraising for El Centro Cultural de Batahola Norte, an educational community center in North Batahola, a destitute neighborhood in Managua, Nicaragua.  The center serves over 1,000 students who are enrolled in four different programs: basic adult education, vocational training, technical training, and arts and culture.  Students range in age from young children to older adults—all seeking to improve their lives in this “oasis of hope” in a nation full of despair.

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