Family Soup-a-Thon

On April 10, Nobles students and their parents participated in the first ever Family Soup-a-Thon. The Family Soup-a-Thon took place at Community Servings, a long-time Nobles community service partner. Nobles students and their parents helped prepare home-delivered meals to those in the community suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Check out photos from the Family Soup-a-Thon.






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Tennis Tournament Slams One Home for Tenacity!

Tenacity_TournamentIn another great moment of connection between Athletics and Service, the Tennis team spent a partially rainy on April 13 running a tournament that benefited Tenacity, a wonderful partner organization in Boston who uses tennis as a way to support the scholastic achievement of inner city youth.

Nobles students have for many past seasons, held this fun tournament, charging teams an entrance fee of $10.00 to participate. This year 26 doubles teams blasted the music, and competed to support this great organization.When rain got too heavy, the whole event was moved to the Omni and finished the day successfully.

Thanks to the coaches and Nobles players and faculty who made this event such fun.

–Sandra MacQuinn

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Cook’s After School Visits Foster Gallery


Cook’s After School students visit Foster Gallery for Halloween.

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Nobles Service Adds a New Site to the Afternoon Program Options

The lively after school program at the Greenwood Church, in Dorchester, is a welcome addition to our service afternoons. Service at the Greenwood Church enhances the variety of Afternoon Program options.

Some Nobles students used their newly acquired Spanish language skills to interact with many children, and as you can see from these photos, are truly connecting with them.


Enrique Alcayaga from Guatemala, participated in the afternoon program and has been aiding with linguistic interchanges. Enrique is engaged to Spanish Teaching Fellow Elizabeth Benjamin. They were recently married on the Nobles campus.

Esther Choi, Class III, cnversing with her new “little buddy.”

Esther Choi, Class III, conversing with her new “little buddy.”



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The Last Day of Service Camp

Yesterday marked the last day of 2013 Community Service camp, and we didn’t let the rain stop us from finishing strong. Four kids went with Sandi and Bill to the South End Hearth location to continue installing shelves and to frame the black and white photography that we created.

The rest of the group went with Linda and Kelsey to the JP location to clean up their shed and pack all of our supplies back onto the bus to bring to Nobles. Then we set up a tent in the rain and wrote thank you notes, finished up our paintings for Home for Little Wanderers, and cleaned and sorted our bins of supplies.

_DSC9385 _DSC9388 _DSC9389 _DSC9392 _DSC9394


Once all of our projects were finally completed, we met up with the South End crew at JP Licks for some well-earned ice cream!

photo 1

Then we went back to Nobles, put all of our supplies away, and spent the afternoon tie-dyeing our Service Camp shirts and watching a slideshow of the week’s activities. The slideshow can be found HERE

photo 2

Then every one who participated in Service Camp received a certificate recognizing the 35 hours of community service they completed this week! Julia and Daria, our wonderful CITs, held a mini graduation ceremony. Thank you for everything you did this week, you two!

_DSC9398 _DSC9399


And of course, though we are technically done with our camp, we are never done serving! We hope the kids had a great week and are excited about continuing to help their communities in the future.

Thank you!

Comm Serve Camp!


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Day 4: Hanging out at Hearth

Today we spent the morning finally installing shelves at the South End Hearth building! Well, actually, Bill Kehlenbeck expertly installed shelves, and troubleshooted for us, and was generally amazing. Thank you, Bill!


We helped as best as we could, and we will continue to help as best as we can tomorrow. In the meantime, a group of kids finished up some beautiful art on the roofdeck of Hearth and hung out with some residents. One resident, Barbara, even got a friendship bracelet from our girls and shared some stories with us about her life! It was wonderful.

_MG_8702  _MG_8710

Even the boys got into making friendship bracelets:_MG_8706

And some of the girls kept working on their crayon melting art




Then we had our lunch on the bus and turned the kids loose in Stop & Shop to get all the ingredients we needed to make dinner for 40 of the Hearth residents to take to their rooms. Hearth only provides lunch 4 days a week, and the residents have to cook their own dinner or fend for themselves, so a packaged dinner was a welcome treat for them.

_MG_8721 _MG_8738 _MG_8741 _MG_8743 _MG_8746 _MG_8751 _MG_8752 _MG_8753 _MG_8759 _MG_8765 _MG_8766 _MG_8767 _MG_8768 _MG_8774 _MG_8775

We made baked chicken, cheddar mashed potatoes, green beans, garlic bread, fruit salad, and delicious brownies. Then we packaged them into individual serving sizes and wrote nice notes on the lids, then passed them out to the residents._MG_8777 _MG_8778 _MG_8782 _MG_8785

The best part was seeing how happy and grateful the residents were, as well as how surprised they were that a group of kids made such a gourmet meal! Eating the extra brownie batter was a pretty good part, too.

Tomorrow is the last day! We can’t believe it. Hopefully the rain will hold off so we can have a nice closing gathering in Hearth’s beautiful backyard in JP…

We are never done serving,

Comm serve camp!


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Day 3 of Service Camp: Greyhounds!

We’ve passed the halfway point for service camp, which is a sad thought until we realize just how many wonderful things we have already accomplished (as well as how much we have left ahead of us!)

Here are some excerpts from journal entries the kids wrote about the past couple days:

“Helping others gives you that feeling of accomplishment and self-gratitude. For example, we helped at a place called Cradles to Crayons. It helps inner city kids from birth to 12 who need clothes or school supplies or other things. There we had to clean and sort toys into different bins and see if they are usable or not. At the end of the day, we helped 75 kids! When I heard that number, I was a little shocked at first, and surprised. It was a great feeling to help that many people. That’s why I came to this camp, for service.” -Brendan

“We went to Cradles to Crayons and sorted toys into specific categories such as action, pretend, board, and new. Quality control is when we sorted through “toy mountain,” a large pile of toys people have donated. We went through and examined each toy, throwing out the old gross ones (or broken) and cleaned the toys that were acceptable or up to the quality standards. It is important because it could be dangerous to give a child a broken toy and it is almost insulting to the child. We want them to have dignity, and receiving a broken toy shreds that. ” – Julia L.

“This year we are donating self made art pieces to the Home for Little Wanderers. This art can act as a conversation starter between the kids and their therapists. It will also help relax the kids and make them more comfortable in their environment. Currently, I am helping the campers make melted crayon art, which when finished looks similar to a melted rainbow explosion. I hope that the kids will find joy in our art and would be interested in making their own someday.” -Daria


Now, moving on to today! We spent the morning in Hopkinton at an organization called Greyhound Friends. Here, we learned about the horrible treatment greyhounds get at tracks, but also all the organizations and legal changes that are trying to help these impressive and kindhearted dogs. Then we cleaned out dog dishes, weeded the garden, cleaned windows, did laundry, and picked up poop to earn our prize: getting to walk and hang out with the dogs! Here are a million pictures:

_DSC9197 _DSC9201 _DSC9205 _DSC9208 _DSC9210 _DSC9213 _DSC9228 _DSC9238 _DSC9260 _DSC9265 _DSC9272 _DSC9284 _DSC9294 _DSC9306 _DSC9311 _DSC9347 _DSC9365


Everyone had a great time. Then they let us each go home with a dog! Just kidding, but if you are interested in supporting this wonderful organization or perhaps looking to adopt a greyhound, visit

After the greyhounds, we went back to JP to keep making art for Home for Little Wanderers and to nail and glue together the shelves to get them 100% ready for installation tomorrow!






We are very tired but very happy with what we have done and will continue to do this week, especially to see the shelves finished and successfully installed!

We are never done serving,

Comm serve camp!

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Day 2 of Service Camp: Crayons and Carpentry

Today we spent the morning at the wonderful new Cradles to Crayons warehouse and office! Cradles to Crayons is an organization that provides toys, clothes, and school supplies to over 60,000 kids ages 0-12 in Massachusetts every year. They accept donations and volunteers to sort through said donations. For more information or to volunteer your time, visit




We had a brief orientation, then we went over to the toys section to do a “raw sort”. That meant we took bags of donations and pulled out the toys, counted their pieces, checked their condition, then cleaned and sorted them into types of toys. It was a great way to spend a morning!





Then it was back to the Hearth backyard to stain the shelves we sanded yesterday, and to begin some art projects for Home for Little Wanderers! We also took some time to make some peanut butter and oat dog treats for the greyhound rescue site we are going to tomorrow.








The early mornings are an adjustment for us all, but we are still having a great time this week and working hard!

We are never done serving,

Comm Serve Camp!

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Community Service Camp has begun!



Summer service camp is underway! Day 1, we all showed up bright and early to load all of our snacks, carpentry materials, sawhorses, and art supplies into the bus.


Then we headed over to the headquarter building of Hearth, Inc. in the South End to get a tour from our wonderful coordinator, Jenny. Hearth offers housing, health, and social care to elderly people throughout Boston who otherwise would be homeless. To learn more about Hearth, Inc. visit



Then we set the kids loose to take black and white photos of the neighborhood that will decorate the dining room walls in that Hearth location._DSC9066



Here’s a couple images they came back with:





It was a great morning at Hearth, Inc!


After that, we headed right over to another Hearth building in JP to set up our construction and art site in their spacious backyard. We have a huge task of sanding, staining, assembling, and installing 40 shelves for each apartment in the South End Hearth location. These shelves are called “parcel shelves” and will be outside the doors so residents can place their groceries or purse on them to find their keys without having to bend down. They have them in one location and love them, so they asked us to make more!







We also got to hang out and chat with some of the residents of the unit. Darryl, one of the residents, even played some music for us while we worked!


And then, once we were done sanding, we got to start some art projects that will go to Home for Little Wanderers. But more on that tomorrow!



We’re never done serving,

Comm Serve Camp!

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The Pull to Do Something

In light of the recent horrific events in Boston, many ideas and action plans are circulating all over our city. A traumatic, violent attack makes all of us yearn to “do something” in response; we feel shaken and saddened. Students, especially, often wonder what they can do to help after overwhelming incidents, and the need for healing ourselves as well, is all too real.
The Community Service Department (with the input of students) has been discussing an appropriate Nobles response to the tragic events at the Boston Marathon. Our hope is to provide a way for our community to participate together in a symbolic show of support for the victims of the bombing. We are currently collaborating on an idea to do an on-campus “Walk the Last Mile Together” event to “finish” the marathon for those who could not. We’ll design a mile loop on campus and walk past the Castle together. There will be a voluntary fundraising component to the event, and all proceeds will benefit the victims and their families.

If you are a member of the Nobles community and would like to offer ideas, or help us with logistics, please contact Linda Hurley or Sandi MacQuinn. If you have thoughts that might help us plan this safely we would love to hear from you. More will be forthcoming about the exact date and any other details.

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