Surrounded By Books

I appreciate the great gift of working at a school so maybe I shouldn’t wonder that books are everywhere.

But bibliophiles can still appreciate good fortune, right? Three cases in point in as many days:
1) On the second floor of Shattuck where I work, I pass an evolving mini-library every day. booksRegistrar Judith Merritt established the tradition a year or so ago when she brought in good books that she did not intend to re-read. Others followed suit. Faculty members culled their shelves for duplicate copies. Now, I have the daily pleasure of seeing what’s new there. Recent treasures include John Knowles A Separate Peace. Sor Juana’s Poems de Amor and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. The odd “how-to” volume or recent best-seller occasionally mix with classics. Pretty cool.

2) I just learned that we have a page of the Gutenberg Bible in our library’s special collections. This is—as a former English professor of mine once said with a wink—”a true fact.”  (In this case two positives do not equal a negative. Pretty strange and pretty cool and true. We possess a treasure.)

3) I just heard of another grad publishing an acclaimed novel. Corey Ann Haydu wrote a young adult novel OCD Love story. It’s getting great reviews on amazon. Honest Tea founder Seth Goldman just wrote Mission in a Bottle, a hybrid graphic-business book. Another grad Sara Farizan was interviewed this week on NPR about her recent book If You Could Be Mine. These are the community-related reads that recently came to my attention. Please let know know if you hear of others.

—Heather Sullivan, director of communications

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