Not Quite Ready for Goodbye

This May, I became a graduate of the Class of 2013 from Noble and Greenough School, my home for the past six years since I started off as a Sixie. While many of my classmates were ready to leave and move onto the next stages of their lives, I was not ready to walk away when I received my diploma. I sat through graduation in my white dress in a complete haze. As I walked through the faculty receiving line, I was overcome by emotion as I said goodbye to so many people who, pardon the cliché, have changed me forever. My brain didn’t even register until my return to campus as an intern in the communications office that I’d entered the tent as a senior and exited as a graduate. I was suddenly incredibly grateful for my summer internship in the office as well as my work for Achieve. I was able to eat lunch in the castle, take photos of Achieve and Nobles Day Camp kids enjoying the facilities, and work at Nobles from a different perspective as a graduate.

My summer on campus awarded me time to reflect and realize just how grateful I was for the school that built me. Like so many other Nobles students, my experience here was more than just classes and grades. Chris Burr encouraged me to allow life to lead me on an exciting adventure, all while teaching me literary analysis skills in Class IV English. Amanda Wastrom taught me how to make decisions independently, taking the time to weigh consequences thoughtfully. Violet Richard shared her love for Spain with me on a Nobles exchange trip to Toledo, Spain, a huge factor in my decision to study there for a semester before starting college here in the states. Tim Carey read every single one of my college supplements, sometimes reading up to five drafts, and demonstrated the power of giving up ones’ time for others.

I was pushed and encouraged, nurtured and challenged, and most importantly, prepared to handle the trials and triumphs of school, work and life with dignity and grace. Even though I recognized the transformational properties of my time at Nobles, the last weeks of my senior spring were too full of events and goodbye letters to allow these truths to sink in. However, this quiet summer on campus (despite the Owls Nest campers right below our office) gave me the closure I’d been hoping for all year long.

–Maya Getter ’13


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