And Again: Photographs from the Harvard Forest

Nobles faculty member John Hirsch currently has an exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography’s satellite gallery at Digital Silver Imaging in Belmont, Mass. As students at Nobles know, the process of making art is something that is different from the rigors of a normal academic day, but no less demanding. These same demands are placed on the Nobles Art Department faculty every two years with a show in Foster Gallery. As active artists, the department seeks to engage their individual mediums outside of the classroom, both in the act of producing and distributing their work, just as they ask their students to do in the Dawson Gallery, Link or Foster Gallery exhibition spaces. In this exhibition Hirsch explores the long-term scientific study conducted on 3,500 acres of forest land in Petersham, Mass. The Harvard Forest is a research forest that has been owned and operated by Harvard University since 1907. The forest offers a place where times’ passage is more consciously studied than almost anywhere else on the planet. A place where technology and nature are so viscerally and overtly entwined that cables and wires emerge from the ground and descend from the sky, where trees are wrapped in plastic and metal and the growth and movements of all things are tracked with unending precision.


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