Milestones: My First Year

Nov. 15, 2011, marked my first day working at Nobles. For me, first-day jitters are not confined to childhood. I was nervous. I don’t remember much about that day except that I drank a lot of coffee, met friendly people and wore nicer shoes than I usually do.

After one year and 18 days as director of communications at Nobles, my jitters have subsided. My shoes are a bit scuffed. And I love my job—the making of magazines, curating of images, and thinking about how technology can make a good story great.

Virtually all organizations require communications folks to manage websites, talk to the media, make videos, write newsletters, do research and such. So the skills that our (really awesome, might I say) Nobles communications team has honed could, in fact, be used in another context. There’s something magical, though, about working at schools: watching young people grow up, seeing them exercise their talent, witnessing their transformation into pretty great people.

Today, I sat in Assembly as a student violinist performed. The teacher next to me said, “Wow. She is better at playing that instrument at 14 than I am at anything I’m good at.” It’s true that the talent here is compelling, often jaw-dropping. But so is the humility with which students share their talents and try to help other people. As I exited Lawrence Auditorium after Assembly, I noted hundreds of donated coats in the hallway, literally overflowing from an enormous bin. Those coats will keep families warm this winter, another testament to the palpable spirit of generosity and joy here.

In many ways, 2012 has been a year of great challenge and change. It has also been one of good fortune. I am grateful to be doing interesting work among really good, smart, fun people. Thanks, Nobles.

- posted by Heather Sullivan, director of communications

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