Getting to know a Sage

English teacher Tim Carey’s expository writing class partnered with Sages and Seekers, a nonprofit organization designed to bridge the intergenerational gap between seniors and teenagers. Students (seekers) spent several weeks interviewing their designated Sage (senior) and completed a reflection piece about their experience. The program began at Nobles several years ago as an Afternoon Program to honor elders living in their community and allow students to get to know and understand senior citizens from all walks of life. This is the first year the program has been incorporated into a curriculum. Below some students reflect on their time with their Sage. 

“What I see in Rose is a woman who has lived a life full of love for her family, friends, and all those people who embody the things she cares about…In our weeks together, she has taught me about happiness, success and, most importantly, the essential values a good person must possess. She laid out a path that enabled me, and everyone to whom she speaks, to “see what [they] want and then how to get there.” –Alex Katz ’13

“My time with Virginia has been infinitely helpful in overcoming the worries I have about leaving home. Talking about her trip to Morocco has given me insight on what to expect during my time away at college… I want to experience the world, and talking with Virginia has given me the confidence to do so. From hearing her stories, I’ve learned to come to terms with letting go—an essential aspect of life everyone must learn sooner or later.” –Omar Augustin ’13

“Frimi makes me want to teach… I like to think I might change someone’s life. Frimi makes it seem so easy. Her gentle suggestions and warm eyes make me wish that I could talk to her for days. My grandparents live far away, and I don’t see them much, but this time with Frimi provides a whole different story. Frimi tells me about her life, about her teaching, about the things she learned, about the advice she ignored, and the love she got in return for it all. I hope that one day, when I teach, I can achieve half of the accomplishments Frimi did in her 41 years of teaching.” –Maya Getter ’13

“Marilyn has had to make difficult decisions in her life, but she has taught me that, if you do what you think is right, everything will work out.  She followed her gut and persevered even when things got complicated. As our remaining number of meetings dwindle away, I realize how much more I have to learn from her… Marilyn has taught me more in just a few short meetings than I would learn in years, and she has changed how I see myself and others around me. Thank you for making my day each of these past Thursday mornings, Marilyn!” –Caroline Monrad ’13


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