A Few Nobles Firsts by Teaching Fellow Lindsey Tonge

There’s nothing like the sound of a field hockey stick meeting a ball with a resounding crack that can only mean an amazing hit with tremendous power.  One of the things I was looking forward to the most coming to Nobles was the opportunity to coach field hockey.  Field hockey was the highlight of my fall when I was a student and it’s so much fun to watch other students who love the game just as much (or more) than I did.  Working with the JV girls and Meg Jacobs at field hockey has been an absolute blast and I can’t wait for our first game! Besides spending time on the turf, I’ve also got to spend quite a bit of time in the classroom with some wonderful, bright, funny students who really do ask the best questions.  I swear, their favorite game is “Stump the Teacher”.  They frequently challenge me to define things clearer and come up with better, stronger, more difficult questions.

My first impressions of Nobles have been all good.  From the parents I met on Back to School Night to the kids and faculty I deal with every day, everyone has been so welcoming to me! They’ve taught me so much: about the school, teaching and even life in general.  I’ve learned more about myself in the first few weeks than I ever thought possible.  I can’t wait for the rest of the year so that I can see what kind of person I am at the end of this year.  After spending a year at Nobles, I can only be a better, stronger, more caring person.

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