Middle School Day of Service

Thursday, May 10 was the Nobles Middle School Day of Service. Class V and VI students traveled throughout the greater Boston area to several service sites. The following reflections are from students who worked at the Quincy Crisis Center:

“For our community service day in the Middle School, we were privileged to help many different families through the Quincy Crisis Center. A small group of us went to homes and we delivered groceries to help make their lives easier. It was so nice to see exactly who we were helping and the impact a small thing like delivering groceries could have on their lives. Many of the people we helped were older and unable to get the groceries on their own or they did not have the money to purchase them. Often, they lived in small apartments or multi-family homes. The experience really made me appreciate the small things in life and the how gifted I am to get the chance to go to Nobles.”

“We also assisted the Center in cleaning out the freezers and transferring frozen foods.  First we cleaned and bleached the refrigerator, then transferred the food to it. It was hard work, but it feels good to know that they food they are sending out has been taken good care of and they keep their facilities nice and clean.”  Shannon

“At the Quincy Crisis Center, I worked with two other girls from Nobles and an older woman who is a volunteer from Quincy to sort donations of clothing and toys into bags to be donated to those who need it. I was overwhelmed by the amount of clothing and toys that had been donated. Surprisingly, most of the clothing was for children, along with many toys as well. If we found an item that was new, we would set it aside for a Christmas gift, and once the time comes the new items will be given out to children and adults as presents. I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to sort these items because not only will the toys bring a smile to the children’s faces, but the clothing will keep them, and their parents warm.” Rachel

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