Number Theory

Total Team TriviaStudents competed in wacky challenges, dance offs and music trivia in assembly this morning for Total Team Trivia.

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Coloring Outside the Lines

Coloring Outside the LinesA group of Class II students performs the pop song “Coloring Outside the Lines” by MisterWives in assembly.

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Foster Natalie Blake-2Foster Gallery’s new show “Elementals: Rhythms of the Earth”,  featuring the ceramic work of Natalie Blake, opens this evening. Be sure to stop by the gallery at some point this month to take in this beautiful collection.

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Beach Ultimate

Beach UltimateClass I students enjoy their afternoon off by playing a pickup game of ultimate on the beach. There are only two weeks left for the beach in its current configuration. The  fence has gone up around the old Putnam Library and it will be demolished during spring break, making way for an expanded green space in the center of campus.

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Beyond the Arc

Three BallMichael Edgerley ’19 drains a three during the JV basketball game versus Milton Academy on Friday.

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Gear Up

Gear DriveThe Gear Drive bins in the MAC are overflowing. Afternoon program teams and groups have been collecting gently used clothes and shoes to sort and donate to our partners in South Africa and Rwanda during the spring break EXCEL trips.

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Doughnut Day

DoughnutsThrowback to a couple weeks ago when the middle school cooking club baked old fashioned and apple cider doughnuts.

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Raise the Roof

Jeff RamseyMusic faculty member Paul Lieberman brought his band to long assembly this morning for a concert of R&B, jazz, soul and funk hits from the ’70s to today. Since it was early in the morning after a four day weekend, lead singer Jeff Ramsey had to get the get the crowd moving with some concert calisthenics.

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Bravo, Booth

021518_assembly-2050Assembly is the heartbeat of life at Nobles. More than 700 of us come together four mornings a week for a shared experience of student performances and stories, announcements and guest lectures. But the behind-the-scenes Booth crew that makes assembly hum doesn’t always get the kudos they deserve. They arrive early to set up a/v equipment, lighting, play awesome music, and organize content and presenters—and if all goes smoothly, no one thinks about it. Thanks, Booth! (Left to right, Veronica Kao, Wyatt Sullivan, Henry Dolgoff and Cate MacDonald, all ’19.)

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Rise Up

Ava Neal '23 and Jackie Zhang '23 perform "Rise Up."

Ava Neal ’23 and Jackie Zhang ’23

This morning in assembly, Sixies Jackie Zhang (on piano) and Ava Neal (vocals) performed Andra Day’s inspirational anthem, “Rise Up.” Neal encouraged other middle schoolers to perform in the future. The duo received a warm standing O.

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