Thanks and Goodbye, Erika Guy

 This morning I have the honor of expressing the profound gratitude of everyone in this room toward a woman who has been the critical force in envisioning, building and sustaining this community.  She has had various titles assigned by different school heads over the last quarter century, but the essence of her responsibility has always been a simple one in broad design: improve the quality of the Nobles experience for every student.  This she has done with magnificent care, energy and, truly, love.  This week marks her graduation from Nobles as she and her husband Doug move on to the next challenges in their lives.



The specific list of Erika’s contributions to Nobles is amazing, and as I started to write it out, I realized the list did not capture the full magnitude of her responsibilities and contributions.  That is, until I got to the last item.  Erika is a gardener.  She has created the organic garden at Nobles.  And, indeed, it struck me that this is the apt metaphor for what Erika has done here year after year.  She has prepared the soil, planted the seeds, and with loving care and firm discipline made the garden grow.  And thanks to her, Nobles is a flourishing garden indeed.  And so, the organic garden she has created, and which is now a part of this community, will be named for her.



I know I speak for everyone in this room, and especially for the graduating Class of 2013, when I say, from the bottom of my heart, as a friend, co-worker, and grateful citizen of this community, thank you Erika Guy for a job exceedingly well done!  We love you and we will miss you!


Head of School Robert P. Henderson, Jr. delivered these remarks on May 30 at the final Assemby of the year.




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