Letter from the Dean

Tejada-8457 (1)Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to attend numerous Nobles graduate events in various cities. At these events, graduates from all backgrounds are interested in finding out how the landscape of diversity has changed at Nobles throughout the years. The truth is that the landscape has changed a great deal even during the seven years that I’ve been working at the school.

This work is constantly evolving and we are always reevaluating our program and how it best serves all of our students. Graduates, and especially graduates of color, are also interested in hearing about diversity statistics, specifically the number of students of color who are now at Nobles.

Many are both surprised and thrilled to hear that Nobles is now comprised of twenty-eight percent of students who self-identify as people of color.  They are even more surprised to hear that the diversity of our faculty reflects that of the student body—about a quarter of our faculty self-identifies as people of color.

This conversation usually leads to graduates sharing their own experiences around being a student of color during the era they attended.  Many of these memories are framed around the sentence, “I remember being one of a few students (if not the only student) of my specific identity. ”

Our conversation then usually evolves into not only the changing demographics of the school but also the programs and initiatives that have developed in order to support a diverse community—affinity groups, diversity clubs and organizations, professional development, community discussions, curriculum work, etc.  Graduates enjoy hearing about the breadth of our program and stories such as the one about of our affinity group for males of color being in need of a larger meeting space due to the number of students (about forty boys) who voluntarily take part in the program.

Every year all Nobles faculty members design at least one diversity goal that they are interested in working on throughout the year.  Students also lead and design a variety of initiatives throughout the year.

One of our main goals is that everyone in our community finds a way to connect to our diversity program—it is a central part of our mission and everyone has a role in this work.


Steven Tejada

Dean of Diversity Initiatives

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