School Insignia

Opening day in September 1917, had marked the beginning of the 52nd year for Noble and Greenough School. As the November 1917 issue of the Nobleman noted: “This year marks a new year for Noble’s, as Volkmann boys, who have always been our greatest and most honored rivals have now joined with us to establish Noble’s still more firmly as the leading school of Boston.”2logos

When the new year arrived, the Nobleman issue of January 1918, had an article titled, “Our School Insignia” that outlined how to show proudly which sports or activities old and new students practiced. They could resort to either a  letter (“N”) on their sweaters or hatbands on the “boaters,” a popular accessory for a fashionable young man of the times which they could purchase just a few blocks from the school.boater hat ad026

From the article, we learn that “…It is distinctive of Noble’s that all hatbands have an outer edge of white…”  and “… the hockey team has not yet decided upon a hatband…”hatbands_Noblm_Jan1918

A picture from April 1916 shows the students lined in Beacon Street, ready to march in the “Preparedness Parade”. They all sport a boater with a school hatband.APRIL1916-Parade

The children of the Lower School were just as willing to show their allegiance to the school, as seen in this picture taken in June 1909, sitting on the steps leading to 100 Beacon Street.NLS-100 beacon st020

DSCN0553Few of the hatbands still remain and can be seen in the Archives Office. More hatbands must have been added at a later time since two of the designs that have survived do not appear on the image published by the Nobleman.  Maybe one belongs to hockey?

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