Nobles of a Hundred Years Ago

One hundred years ago, at 100 Beacon Street, the Glee Club had a special meeting at 2PM. They were probably preparing for the Christmas Exercises on December 20th, the last day of school of the first term of the 47th year of the school.

school calendarThe Nobleman published a school calendar that allows us to get a glimpse of the many activities of the seventy students who were enrolled for the 1912-13 academic year.

Looking closely to the jolly Santa on the cover of the Nobleman, it is possible to see that it is offering, on a tray, a championship football.cover and team

On Nov 15th, the football team played “the annual clash between Noble’s and Volkmann for the Private School Championship of Greater Boston.” The sport writer chronicles: “we defeated our old rivals in an intensely exciting game by the close score of 7 to 0.”

The article goes on to describe the game at great length for five pages, even if, incongruously, the pictures shown is of the game with Roxbury Latin which the “N” men had won by 35 to 0.Rox latin game

school notesThe School Notes section informs the community that “the end of the large football field at Dexter’s * will be flooded… and there should be fine skating.” Later on, we learn that “an independent hockey team will probably be formed this year…”

The Athletic Program was still being organized. Mr. Greenough was the Head-coach and his presence and the inspiration he provided to the players are felt all over the Nobleman’s articles.

As every issue of the era, the Nobleman ends with paid ads (the source of revenue that financed the publication of the magazine).ad-Nobleman Dec 1912

I admit I have some difficulties in seeing young men in the shoes shown in the advertisement, however the picture of the Mandolin Club (see previous post) shows just that style of shoes.

The times…they are a changin’!

* Dexter was the name of the owner of the field that Noble and Greenough rented in Brookline to play athletic games. The location in Boston was a constrain on their athletic program.

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