Music at Nobles: an honored tradition

This coming Thursday, the Nobles community will be delighted by a Choral Concert that will showcase the talent and the hard work of more than one hundred students. The school orchestra will also perform in the finale.

Through the years, music has been part of the fabric of the school.

The Mandolin Club - Academic year 1910-1911

The Mandolin Club – Academic year 1910-1911

As early as the academic year 1910-11, the Mandolin Club was a popular group.  The Nobleman of February 1912 reports: “the Mandolin Club holds a meeting in the school nearly every Friday night. The Glee Club sings at least once or twice a week under the supervision of Mr. Putnam.”

Hawaiian Sextet - 1919

The Hawaiian Sextet – Academic Year 1918-1919

In 1919, the Hawaiian Sextet joined the Mandolin Club, however the group did not seem to have as much success since it was gone by 1920.

In 1921, several members of the Mandolin Club decided to lighten up the atmosphere by starting the Banjo Band.

The Banjo Band- Academic Year 1920-1921

The Banjo Band- Academic Year 1920-1921

Maybe anticipating the dignified aura of the castle on the Charles, that would be the new home of Noble and Greenough School in September, the following year, the Banjo Band adopted a more sedate look.Banjo Band-1921-1922

The academic year 1923-24 saw the last performances of the Mandolin Club, while the Banjo Band remained active until 1930.

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2 Responses to Music at Nobles: an honored tradition

  1. Where were these images when we were looking through things the other day? I only remember the mandolin club photo.

  2. Isa Schaff says:

    I scanned the pictures from the yearbooks. I would definitely have hung the picture of the Banjo Band of 1921, if I had had it. I keep wondering if that was their regular outfit.

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