Before 100 Beacon

This archival photo, which dates back to 1898-1899, was taken in front of 97 Beacon Street, one of the school’s earliest city locations. Noble and Greenough would eventually move just a few doors down to 100 Beacon Street, before¬†ultimately¬†leaving the city for its current Dedham campus.


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3 Responses to Before 100 Beacon

  1. Wonderful photograph. Something about this era always makes children look like such a formidable bunch.

  2. Patricia Heys says:

    I’m curious about the significance, if any, of the wearing of bowler hats…

    • Isa Schaff says:

      I don’t know of any particular significance of the bowler hats. I think it was just fashionable, a bit like our current kids wearing designer clothes. Whenever I read the Nobleman or the yearbook of those year, I can’t help noticing how the students of then were not much different from today’s students. But I will keep my eyes open to see if I find anything else. Sadly, we do not have much documentation for the years prior to 1912. I always hope to come across a cache of still unknown Nobles papers from the 1800s..

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