Lasting Impressions

100 Beacon Street where the school was located from 1901 to 1922

It was a different time and a different place.

In September 1913, the school, located at 100 Beacon Street, was still a downtown, urban school. Mr. George W.C. Noble, its founder and first Headmaster, was still teaching. After 47 years at the helm of the school, he was a beloved and revered figure. Mr. James Greenough, the younger partner, was preparing to face the new academic year with his usual energy. Thirty young men were getting ready to start their final year at a place that has seen them grow and flourish.

The Class of 1913 is remembered for the indomitable will to make students’ voice be heard.  From the creation of the first student led and student produced magazine (“The 1913 Bulletin”) to the more ambitious Nobleman, the students of the Class of 1913 left their mark on the culture of the school.

In the spring of 1913, Bostonians crowded Fenway Park, which had opened the previous year, to watch the Red Sox, at the time the defending World Champions. In May, the doors of the ballpark were opened to local high school teams. It was May 7th, when the 1913 Noble and Greenough baseball team beat the Volkmann School team 1-0 “in a very exciting private school game” (

Before graduation, the Class of 1913 published the first Class Book, the progenitor of the current Yearbook. Since 1913, the Nobleman and the Yearbook have become essential sources in documenting the history of Noble and Greenough School.

The contribution of the Class of 1913 to the culture of the school still looms large.

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