It all started in 1913….

It was the last week of school of the Academic Year 1912-13.

Volume 1

A small volume was distributed to the students. A new publication had been born:  the Class Book. The book, with a blue cover and the name of the school embossed in gold letters, was dedicated to George W.C. Noble, who had completed his 47th year as founder, headmaster and teacher. It chronicled the activities and events of the students of the Class of 1913.

From then on, every year, the graduating class created a new Class Book. The cover and the format of the volumes remained unchanged until 1943, when different covers and formats began to appear.

In 1968, the Class Book was renamed Yearbook, possibly to reflect a changing emphasis from the history of a class to the chronicles of an academic year.

Through one hundred years, the publication has reflected the mood of society and of the school community.  While glancing through the pages of past volumes, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the hopes, dreams and vitality of the young boys and girls who have attended Noble and Greenough School.

Volume 100

This week, the 100th volume of the Yearbook will be released.

Its pages are filled with pictures of the students and events of the Academic Year 2012-13. Just as the pioneer book of 1913, the 2012 Yearbook will become a repository of the school history, a volume to treasure and peruse through the years.

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