Wedding Bells at Nobles

Over the course of 146 years, Noble and Greenough has been the “school” for thousands of young men and women. During Reunion weekend, and many other times during the year, graduates return briefly to capture again the feeling of being back on familiar ground.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that the grounds of Noble and Greenough have been home (literally) to many families that have lived on campus, since the move of the school to Dedham, in 1922.

I came across this picture in one of the many stacks of unidentified photos. At first I was wondering who was the couple. It did not take me too long to recognize Eliot T. Putnam and Laura Wiggins on their wedding day, clearly standing somewhere on the Nobles grounds.

Eliot T. Putnam began teaching French and Latin in 1930, right after graduating from Harvard University. In 1931, he began coaching football and hockey.  At the time, the Headmaster was Charles Wiggins.

In 1938, a young Eliot married Laura, Mr. Wiggins’ daughter.

In 1943, Eliot T. Putnam became the third Headmaster of Noble and Greenough School. Up to his retirement in 1971, he was loved, respected and admired by his students and his colleagues,

Laura too was a beloved and recognized figure on campus. During those years, faculty wives fulfilled a nurturing and supporting role.  During the years from 1952 to 1961, Laura, a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts taught Art: the first female teacher since the closing of Nobles Lower School.

Eliot and Laura Putnam are an intrinsical part of Nobles history .

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