Mysteries and rare finds at Nobles Archives

The Archives of Noble and Greenough School have been in existence only since 2009, therefore they are still “under construction.” A lot of my time is spent digging around various corners of the school to see what finds are there to be discovered and displayed.

A couple of years ago, I came across a yellowed parchment sheet, beautifully inscribed, with whimsical drawings of chess pieces to adorn the margins.

The challenge to Nobles Faculty from Groton Faculty

With tongue in check, several members of the Faculty of Groton School were challenging the Faculty of Nobles (or Noble’s, as it was most commonly referred to, in years past) to a game of chess, played at the two different locations, with each player informed of the opponent’s move by sending “back words immediately.”

Did they play? Who won?

As so many records that come my way, this one was undated. Promptly I contacted the archivist at Groton School to find out what his records showed. He had no knowledge of such a challenge, but was able to pinpoint the date of the document to October 1923. One of the signatories was a substitute teacher that worked at Groton for only one month. He had previously taught at … Noble and Greenough School.

At this point, all my hopes to discover which team had been victorious rested on the Nobleman. School Notes of the issue of the winter of 1923 mentioned the challenge received by the Nobles Faculty. No further mention appeared on subsequent issues.

A row of eager warriors stands guard, ready to engage in battle. But, did they ever play?…..  

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