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The Studies Show: To-Do Lists in the Digital Age and the Death of the Assignment Notebook

“The Studies Show” is a podcast series hosted by Noble and Greenough School Learning Specialists Gia Batty and Sara Masucci. Through this series, the two hope to share information about some of the research they have come across in their work. Visit http://www.nobles.edu/podcasts to access all … Continue reading

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Study Tips for Final Exams From Gia Batty, Learning Specialist

Around this time of year, we get lots of questions about how to study for finals.   The truth is that it’s not much different than preparing for regular assessments, but it does not always feel that way to students. Here … Continue reading

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Let’s Bring Back Phones with Cords by Erika Guy, Dean of Students

For a long time, I thought that the single greatest triumph of my adolescence was convincing my parents that I needed a phone extension in my upstairs bedroom. At the time, we had but one phone in the house (we … Continue reading

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5 Study Tips from the Learning Specialist, Gia Batty

1.  A place to work All students need a quiet and clutter-free space to study.  Help your child by clearing a spot at your dining room or kitchen table or at a desk in his or her room. When choosing … Continue reading

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Students (ping!) Need (ring!) to (tweet!) Concentrate! by John Gifford, Head of the Middle School

A debate continues regarding the impact of certain technologies on brain function. Specifically, researchers are studying how the constant interruptions that accompany internet-enabled computer use affect productivity. Most adults can understand why there is a concern. We sit down to … Continue reading

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