The Studies Show Podcast Series–Season 2!

We are happy to be back with Season 2 of “The Studies Show,” Nobles’ first monthly podcast series.

The idea for “The Studies Show” came out of the fact that on an almost daily basis we’d read or hear about some new and exciting research being done on how students learn.  We wanted to find a way to share some of the highlights of the research with you in a fun and engaging way.  And since we felt like we were constantly starting sentences with “Studies show…” we figured it would be the perfect name for our podcast series.

In the last year, we hope the studies have shown you a lot–from the benefits of drinking water to the power of using templates when writing to the importance of varying where and how you study. Each month, we choose a topic that is relevant to our community of students, parents and teachers and we examine what we can learn from the current research on that topic.   Our first podcast this year is called “Starting Strong” and focuses on some new research about how we can best communicate with people who don’t have fully developed executive function skills (aka teenagers).  The second podcast addresses the concept of multitasking which, for the record, the studies show is a myth.

In the last year, we’ve learned a lot about this new medium.  We’ve gotten much more efficient at prepping for and recording the show each month. Our producer, Nobles’ Melissa McClung, has taught us that the less we script, the better it sounds, and she’s right.  The podcasts that we like the best are the ones where we’re both just sort of talking to each other about what we’ve learned.

When we’re not taping “The Studies Show,” we are working 1:1 with students or meeting with teachers or parents in our shared office in the Shattuck Schoolhouse.  It’s a small space, but we think it’s why the podcast works so well.  We are always bouncing ideas off of each other, sharing articles on our iPads, or strategizing how to better support our students.

We’ve got a lot of great podcasts planned for this year.  Stay tuned to see what the studies show next!

Here’s a link to our podcast page on the Nobles website:

Gia Batty & Sara Masucci, Learning Specialists


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