Do Good Work: An Opportunity for You by Ben Snyder, Head of Upper School

On Fri., March 8, Nobles is collaborating with Project Zero to host a conference for educators from around the country called “Developing Responsible, Caring & Balanced Youth.” The conference will feature internationally notable educators and social entrepreneurs including Howard Gardner, William Damon, and Kiran Sethi of Design for Change.

Our goals for the conference will be to address important questions such as these:

• How do we raise balanced, responsible and caring youth in this opportunity-rich, yet challenging context?

• How are young people responding to the changing world in school, at home, and in social environments?

• Are youth more socially aware and less prejudiced than ever before, or are they more narcissistic, egocentric and self-serving?

• How do we equip young people to recognize and confront ethical dilemmas and to respond with integrity?

• How do we help them develop a sense of purpose for themselves, yet also care about the wider world?

The world young people encounter is dramatically different than ours was at their age. Social media, access to infinite information via the internet, a hyper-competitive race towards college, and many other pressures have put adolescents in decision-making situations in which, frankly, they may not be developmentally ready to make good choices. We hope this collaborative effort helps adults understand those pressures more sensitively and develop ways—both in and out of the classroom—to help kids negotiate the minefield of adolescence to emerge as young adults who hope to lead lives characterized by integrity and character so that they will make a positive difference in their communities.

Anyone is welcome to register for the conference; visit to sign up for either a day or full conference. And, please feel free to share this opportunity with friends, colleagues and family.

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