A Good Night’s Sleep

Head of Upper School Ben Snyder often writes about the importance of sleep, reminding parents how important it is for the developing teenage brain:

“Sleep is a critical factor in learning. If your child is out or up late — especially on the weekends — it will hinder learning. Know where your child is at all times (keep calling fellow parents to ensure that your child is appropriately supervised) and encourage catching up on the weekends (and discourage sleepovers if possible — they are generally a recipe for sleep deprivation at best). Returning to school on a Monday exhausted from a weekend of activity is an incredible disadvantage in academic work. Especially on the days of exams, sufficient sleep and healthy food (a good breakfast is critical!) will ensure focus and keep your child healthy.”

A recent Miami Herald article shares this sentiment, and elaborates with tips on how to transition children’s summer sleep schedules to a healthy school year routine. Click here for the full article.

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