The 6 Key Drivers of Student Engagement

Technology is providing ever expanding opportunities for teachers to engage their students in the classroom.  The following is an excerpt from the book Every Child, Every Day: A Digital Conversion Model for Student Achievement, by Mark A. Edwards.  Edwards is the superintendent of Mooresville (NC) Graded School District (MGSD), whose district-wide 1-to-1 program earned it the 2012 Sylvia Charp Award.
Come visit us at Nobles to learn about how we are putting these drivers of student engagement into practice!

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A Timeline of Private School Events and History

Did you know that the earliest schools in the US were private and religious?  For this and other interesting facts about private schools, click on the link below:

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How to Turn Your Classroom Into An Idea Factory

In the article below, Suzie Boss at Mind/Shift has given some thought to the ways in which teachers can influence their students to become innovators.  Learn more about Nobles to see the ways in which our faculty go about instilling “21st century skills” in our students.

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Public School vs. Private School: 25 Essential Considerations

The folks at AdmissionsQuest have done a good job of laying out the considerations that must be made when considering a private school compared to your local public school.  Boil it all down, however, and you come up with their final point which is that ultimately this decision should be about the fit of a school for your child.

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Did you know we teach Robotics at Nobles?

More and more is being written about STEM (science, engineering, engineering, mechanics) and the importance of these programs in our schools.  The following article indicates one of the reasons it’s so great that we have Robotics here at Nobles.

And if you are interested in more specifics about Robotics at Nobles, here is a link to the course description:

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Choosing a School: 5 Must Haves

As we look ahead to tomorrow’s application deadline, we thought it would be appropriate to remind folks of the things that are important to consider when choosing an independent school.  Check out this article written for Private School Review by Robert Kennedy

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Student Testing Success Linked To Grasp Of Basic Math

We are aware that standardized testing is likely on the minds of many of you as we approach our application deadline next week (January 15, 2013!) Here is a link to an interesting article that posits that a strong understanding of basic math can pay dividends when it comes to the PSAT.

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Scenes from our December Open House!

Great to see so many folks at our December Open House last night. Here are some photos from our Curriculum Fair with faculty.  If you haven’t yet been to campus, come visit!Dec Open House 004Dec Open House 006Dec Open House 024Dec Open House 031

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Have you seen the Nobles YouTube Channel?

It’s a great way to learn what is going on in the life of the school. To access the channel, visit


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Learn about Nobles’ New Plastic Bottle Initiative!

The new Plastic Bottle Initiative, started this year by the Environmental Action Committee (EAC) and facilitated by Biology teacher Deb Harrison and Buildings and Grounds Director Mike McHugh and Dining Services Director Matt Burek, is just one of the many ways that Nobles is reducing its carbon footprint and helping the environment. The admissions office recently had the opportunity to chat with Deb Harrison a bit more about this exciting initiative to learn more about Nobles’ efforts to eliminate plastic bottles from the community. Here is some of what she had to say:

Q: What exactly is Nobles’ Plastic Bottle Initiative?

A: In a nutshell, the Plastic Bottle Initiative it is an effort to eliminate single use plastic bottles from campus.

Q: What were the motivations behind this initiative?

A: This initiative was inspired by many years of conversation with both students and adults about the possibility of completely removing plastic bottles from our community. Before launching this effort, we did a fair amount of research on how other institutions have taken on similar initiatives in the past. Additionally, the initiative received the last bit of momentum that it needed to be launched at the beginning of this school year with the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s presentation here last spring.

Q: What effects has this initiative had on the student body and the Nobles community as a whole?

A: As a result of this initiative, more members of the community are now using reusable water bottles, which are quite visible around campus during the school day. In addition, there has been a dramatic decrease in the availability of plastic bottles on campus. No plastic bottles of any kind are being sold at the snack bar and the MAC so that students and staff need to bring their own reusable bottles to school if they want water or any other kind of beverage. In addition, the dining service no longer provides plastic bottled water or drinks at any events.

Q: What are some of the things Nobles has done to facilitate the no plastic bottles initiative?

A: Nobles has installed water fountains with filters, which makes it very convenient to refill reusable water bottles. An effort has also been made by the parents’ association to spread the word to parents about not bringing plastic water bottles to sporting events for teams. The PA is also raising general awareness for Nobles parents to encourage their kids to bring water bottles to school instead of plastic bottled water In addition, Nobles now sells reusable metal water bottles for a very low price with the catchy phrase “Go Blue, Go Green,” on them. This logo underscores how much of a team effort this is as we establish ourselves as a plastic bottle free and “green” community.

Q: What does Nobles plan to do moving forward to continue enhancing this initiative and help the environment?

A: Our ultimate goal is for 100% of the school community to commit to not bringing plastic bottles to campus. More importantly though, this initiative is about creating a culture within our community that completely supports the reduction of plastics in everyday life and fosters a mindset focused on what we can do as a community to make more environmentally sustainable choices on a daily basis. In addition to the Plastic Bottle Initiative, Nobles also hopes to continue working toward 100% accurate recycling, consistent and ongoing energy conservation by turning of lights, and eliminating food waste.

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