Advice From Nobles Students

Congratulations to our newly admitted students! We recently asked first year Nobles students to reflect on their time here so far and to provide some advice for you about life at Nobles. Here are some of the major themes that they touched upon in their responses:

 Forge Friendships

“Coming from a big public school, people with different interests rarely supported each other in their different passions. I would encourage new students to embrace that at Nobles, everyone in their grade will be just as enthusiastic about the upcoming play as they are the for the athletic event that day. As an athlete, I definitely began to feel closer with my grade and more comfortable as I started doing the little things such as wishing the people auditioning for the play ‘good luck,’ even though theatre has never been something I was involved in.” – Class III student

“My biggest fear was that I would be joining a class of already close students in the upper school and no one would make an effort to be friends with me. Although it is true that there are already groups of close-knit students, everyone is very welcoming and no one is going to ice you out because you are new.” – Class IV student

 “At my old school people sat with the same people every day, so the fact that so many different groups of people have lunch is another thing I wish I had embraced earlier. I was surprised to see people in different grades or with different outside of school interests sitting together, but after I realized what a nice thing this was it became clear to me that lunch could be a time to bring the whole school together and learn new things about different people. Overall, I would encourage new students to really ‘dive into’ the supportive atmosphere Nobles creates and make relationships with a wide array of people around the school in order to ease the transition.”  – Class III student

 Relish the Challenge

“The biggest advice I can give to new Class IV students is to challenge yourself, whether it’s on the sports field, on stage, in the classroom, or even in the alcoves. Nobles is rigorous for a reason, and the hard work the teachers and coaches will give you or push you to do is all to see you challenge yourself and thrive. You’ll never know what you’re capable of unless you believe in yourself, take on new challenges, and overcome obstacles you may have been scared to try before. The faculty and all of the students at Nobles are supportive of everyone’s decisions, and they really want to see people rise to the occasion when they are challenged. Whether it’s taking an Honors class, getting to know an upperclassmen, or going out for the varsity team you didn’t think you could make, every challenge you take on will help define you and help you grow. Nobles is super intense and difficult at times, but the rewards you get are worth all of the hard work.” – Class IV student

Embrace Relationships

 “Get to know your teachers. With the smaller classes, you can become friendly with them and get to know them better than I did when I was a student in public schools.” – Class VI student

“My advice for incoming students would be to take advantage of the opportunities available, but also to always keep their primary focus on their academics. The hardest thing will be adjusting but using your teachers and peers as much as you can throughout the year will help a lot. “ – Class IV student

“My advice would be to seek help immediately with any problems you have in class. Always go to your teacher or advisor if you need help.”  – Class IV student

Have Fun and Be Brave

“High school should be fun. It’s important to work hard but also to enjoy yourself. Make time for friends.” – Class III student

“Join clubs right away! I regret that I didn’t take full advantage of x-block when I first got here.” – Class IV student

“Don’t ever miss assembly or Friday Night Lights (when our football team plays under the lights).” – Class IV student

“Go on Nobles trips, including outing club excursions.” – Class IV student

“Get out to events! Games are where school spirit is on display. It is so fun to cheer for our school and show our pride. Plus your friends really appreciate the support.” – Class IV student

“Share your talents. Don’t be afraid or hold back. Get up on the stage in assembly and show us what you’ve got!” – Class IV student

“Try new sports. I tried crew for the first time. It was so fun and I met a whole new group of friends.” – Class IV student

“Go to preseason in sports even if you aren’t varsity caliber. I had never held a field hockey stick in my life but I went to pre-season. I was really nervous but I learned a ton and met so many people.” – Class IV student




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