Music Lessons at Nobles

Apart from the numerous music and performing arts opportunities that are available within the Nobles Curriculum, students are also given the chance to study privately with outside teachers in their own free periods at school. Starting as young as seventh grade, students can sign up to take weekly lessons with professional musicians during their study halls and frees. Lessons are available in both vocal training as well as instrumental. Once the time is coordinated with the teacher, the student will go to him or her at that same time every week, and an entire period is devoted to the individual study. Many of the teachers, particularly vocal instructors, will also hold a concert at the end of each term. The students they have been coaching are then given the opportunity to perform, and share their newly developed talents with other students and the Nobles community as a whole. Teachers are typically very accommodating and can meet with students at most any time during the day. Individual music lessons are a great way to help students develop their musical talents one on one, apart from the many group ensembles and a cappella groups at Nobles.

Sarah, Senior

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