Travel to South Africa with Nobles

Last March I spent my vacation in South Africa with thirteen other students from Nobles. I can easily say that those two weeks provided me with some of the most meaningful memories. As a group, we spent a week replacing windows, repainting houses, and building ramps out of cement. The work was truly unique because we were able to build alongside fun and invested young men from the village who sought work. Moreover, the children in the neighborhood became quick friends and by the end of our time in Kurland, I’d look forward to three in the afternoon when the children would come home from school and flock to our worksite. Leaving Kurland proved to be much sadder than anyone in the group had anticipated. We spent the following week at schools surrounding Cape Town, sorting through books to create a library and helping oversee a gym class for young children. I truly enjoyed the service aspect of the trip and fell in the love with the warmth and optimism the people of South Africa embodied.
In addition to serving the community there, we acted as tourists. Arriving at renovated huts with bathrooms and large beds with clean and crisp sheets after a week of sleeping in tents was a treat. The “lodge” was run by the hospitable and quirky Pickle family, who by the end of our stay, I wanted to be a member of. We went on a full day safari, a boat ride to Robben Island to visit Mandela’s cell, and a hike up Table Mountain.

Since arriving home, I have already begun planning my return. In the meantime though, I often think about the various faces we grew to know so well and the relaxing and fun times we shared as a group. I am only one of many students who has been on a trip with Nobles and loved it. The travel choices and opportunities are so unique to Nobles and embody the school’s commitment to service and the greater good.

Elena, Class I

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  1. Great post about the importance of service learning

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