What is X-block, anyway?

Every other Wednesday and every Friday afternoon, Nobles has a period called X-block when various clubs and organizations meet. More than 20 different clubs have been started, with room for more! To start a club, a student needs to find a club advisor, a group of interested students and create a mission statement. The topics of clubs can be serious, or simply fun. For example, Nobles has an Environmental Action Committee, and also has a Juggling Club. The size of a club can range from a small group of 4-5 to over 25 students. What students chose to do in their club is completely up to the group, and can be helped and financed by the Student Life Committee. Most clubs reach out to raise money and awareness about various issues through assembly announcements, bake sales, clothing/supply drives, and volunteering. For example, the Human Rights Club this past year held various letter signings, had 2 bake sales, and organized a trip to “Get on the Bus” with Amnesty International in New York City. Getting involved in a club not only opens your eyes to new experiences and people, but also is one of the most rewarding ways to get involved at Nobles!
Steph, Class I

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