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Chocolate Therapy

Javonna Corbin ’15 mixes cream and glucose in preparation of adding tempered chocolate for the perfect truffles. Thank you, Chocolate Therapy, for teaching student-chemists to make confection. (And really great hairnets, too…)

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May the Best Droid Win

Every year, during Science Week at Nobles, crowds cheer on teams of robotics students as they go head to head, pitting inventions they’ve engineered themselves. 13 teams competed in a new format this year, to see who could collect the most … Continue reading

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The Science of Soil

AP Environmental Science students spent the afternoon with Pete Thibeault of Buildings and Grounds, learning about the science of soil and all that goes into maintaining thriving athletic fields and healthy campus grounds, while making ecologically sound choices.

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Chemistry of Connection

More than 400 grandparents descended on the Nobles campus today to spend the day learning alongside their grandchildren (like in this chemistry class). Sharing a day in the life at Nobles created connections and bridged generations.

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Getting Ready for the Race

Class V students work on their self-designed solar car project, which will compete in the 20-meter race on campus on May 14.  The top seven teams in the categories of speed, creativity, craftsmanship and technical merit will compete against other top … Continue reading

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In the Classroom: Penny Plating Redox Lab

Today in chemistry, students experiment with changing the color of pennies through oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions.

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Consumer Report Lab

Did you know that popcorn pops because of the natural moisture inside each kernel? Today in chemistry, students compared two brands of popcorn. They measured the percentage of water in each sample to determine which brand offered the most popped … Continue reading

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Stylish in Science

Middle school students create solution with cupric acetate in science class today. Check out science teacher Chris Averill’s colorful tie-dyed lab coat.

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Playing with Fire

Science faculty member Bob Kern knows how to keep his chemistry labs exciting. Don’t try this at home!

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Chemistry Lab

Upward Bound students work in pairs to calculate how many moles of NaHCO3 are in an Alka-Seltzer tablet in chemistry class today.

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