Friday Favorites

Vivian LiVivian Li ’21 plays Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” to close out the week in assembly.

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Himalayan Sunrise

Himalayan SunriseThrowback Thursday to sunrise over the Himalayas on the India EXCEL spring break trip.

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Top of the Turf

Lacrosse FieldThere may still be snow on the ground, but it’s time for spring sports.

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Slices of Life

Flynn NegativesRyan Flynn ’18 separates his developed negatives on a light table in his photography class.

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Something’s Missing

Library GoneThe old Putnam Library was demolished over break leaving a clear view of the new academic center across the beach.

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Number Theory

Total Team TriviaStudents competed in wacky challenges, dance offs and music trivia in assembly this morning for Total Team Trivia.

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Coloring Outside the Lines

Coloring Outside the LinesA group of Class II students performs the pop song “Coloring Outside the Lines” by MisterWives in assembly.

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Foster Natalie Blake-2Foster Gallery’s new show “Elementals: Rhythms of the Earth”,  featuring the ceramic work of Natalie Blake, opens this evening. Be sure to stop by the gallery at some point this month to take in this beautiful collection.

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Beach Ultimate

Beach UltimateClass I students enjoy their afternoon off by playing a pickup game of ultimate on the beach. There are only two weeks left for the beach in its current configuration. The  fence has gone up around the old Putnam Library and it will be demolished during spring break, making way for an expanded green space in the center of campus.

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Beyond the Arc

Three BallMichael Edgerley ’19 drains a three during the JV basketball game versus Milton Academy on Friday.

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