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Dog Days

A furry friend’s Friday visit brightened this winter afternoon in the Henderson Arts Center.

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Students in Oris Bryant’s U.S. History class question and debate what constitutes the American Dream. In hearing each other’s presentations, they learned the importance of listening to others in formulating their own intelligent arguments.

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Edible Science

Maura McLaughlin, Isabelle Walkey and Gabrielle Athanasia, all ’17, show off their creation for Molecular Gastronomy class—a cauliflower-cheese crust pizza.

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The Crew Caterpillar

Henry Patterson ’21 shows his approval while helping his teammates carry their boat for crew practice. The Middle School boats often have so many hands helping that the shells look like caterpillars walking down the dock.

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A Power Pose

Roman Baca, an Iraq War veteran and ballet dancer, returned to Nobles’ campus to teach dance classes and lead literary discussions on post-war texts, including the Odyssey.  Here, he demonstrates a power pose to contrast the movement’s emotional influence to that … Continue reading

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Stormy Weather

Don’t know why there’s no sun in the sky, but there’s progress on the ground. An excavator prepares the foundation for the Academic Inquiry Center under gray skies that eventually gave way for a bright, blustery day.

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An Author’s Advice

Author Elly Swartz visited English Via Latin classes, and encouraged students to embrace the qualities that make them each unique. She said, “No one is just one thing.” Her debut novel, “Finding Perfect,” about a middle-school girl with OCD, has … Continue reading

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Watercolor Wash

During this Friday’s TGIF OPS (Open Painting Studios) workshop, Visual Arts teacher Molly Pascal ’05 shows Spoorthi Balu ’17 how to achieve an ombré watercolor wash. In addition to teaching visual arts and coaching middle school athletics, Pascal is exhibiting … Continue reading

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Making Muffins

  Molecular Gastronomy students Maura McLaughlin ’17, Isabelle Walkey ’17 and Lily Franks ’18 made blueberry muffins. The course provides an enhanced understanding of our chemical world via food and its preparation, featuring the kitchen as its laboratory.

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Absolute Value

Jill Radley ’18 took the stage for a NED Talk, Nobles’ version of the TED Talks series in which individuals with deep knowledge of a subject share their ideas. Radley spoke about the mathematical concept of “absolute value,” the distance … Continue reading

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