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Laser Cookies

Andy Shumway toasted the Nobles shield into some cookies this afternoon to demonstrate the various features of the Zing laser cutter and engraver.

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Looking In

Students hard at work inside the quiet reading room in the new Putnam Library.

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Lessons from the Holocaust

Dr. Anna Ornstein visited two history classes the afternoon to share her story of surviving Auschwitz concentration camp during the Holocaust and to have a conversation with the students about social justice. Power: Global Issues in the Modern World

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Running of the Books

Students started to pack up books from the current Putnam Library and move them into the new Putnam Library this afternoon.

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Just a Few Flurries

Students powered through the relatively mild snowstorm today.

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Clap It Up

Charles Danhof coached the wrestling team to a handful of big wins over the weekend against Milton, Brooks, Portsmouth Abbey and Northfield Mount Hermon.

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Studying in the Stacks

Students are enjoying the final days in the current Putnam Library. The new academic center and Putnam Library will open in just over a week.

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Squash Instruction

Pascal Maharjan runs a drill during middle school squash practice.

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All School Photo

Here’s a teaser of the annual all school photo that we shot in Rappaport Gym this morning.

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Snows and Shadows

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