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Happy Thanksgiving!

What better way to welcome break than by throwing a football around with friends? Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  

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Displaying Holiday Foods

As holiday season nears, the Putnam Library displays pictures of the favorite holiday foods of Nobles students, staff and faculty.

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Flashback Friday: a Good Appetite

You can always count on adolescent boys to be hungry. This undated archival photo by former faculty Joe Swayze illustrates the timeless allure of doughnuts.

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Holden’s Red Hunting Cap

The Class IV students of Malikah Goss (right) are studying J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. Today’s in-class assignment? In the voice of a secondary character, write about Holden’s cap and its importance to him.

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11th Annual Pie Drive

Middle school students, faculty and staff members and parents made 300 apple pies to benefit the Single Parent Family Outreach, Dedham Food Pantry and Dedham Youth Commission.

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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Spanish III students built these kites, building their vocabularies along the way. This windy day was the perfect opportunity to launch the projects into the sky.

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Take the Pledge

The Nobles community participated in TextLess Live More Day in honor of Milton Academy student Merritt Levitan who lost her life on a cross-country cycling trip when a driver crashed into the group of cyclists. The goal of this day … Continue reading

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Best Free Lunch Ever

In Sunday’s Boston Globe Magazine, Nobles was featured in a “Top Places to Work” feature. The piece highlighted the you-can’t-believe-it’s-this-good lunch for students and all employees. Wrote the Globe: “There is such a thing as a free lunch for the … Continue reading

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Discussion on Punishment

Students in Politics and Ethics discuss the Utilitarian and Kantian theories to examine capital punishment. Some interesting statistics they learned include: no other country has as many per capita in prison as the U.S.; currently, 2.3 million Americans are in … Continue reading

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Wearable Art

The Nobles community joined together for an art celebration, which included the opening reception of Artist-in-Residence Janice Jakielski’s show, “I Think I’ll Like It Here.” Half the exhibit is hands-on, giving viewers an opportunity to touch and try on some … Continue reading

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