5 Ways to De-Stress


Students and faculty have been working hard all semester. With several more days of assessments, grading, comments, and meetings before winter break, we thought everyone could use a few tips on how to de-stress.

1. Breathe, stretch and strike a pose (a yoga pose, that is). Yoga is a proven stress relief for the body and mind. Take a cue from the Afternoon Program (pictured above.)

2. Plan ahead. Nothing sounds more stressful than racing around the morning of a big exam, looking for your calculator, car keys or handy Number 2 pencils. Prepare the night before–lay out your best test-taking outfit (cozy sweatpants, anyone?) and make sure you have everything you need.

3. Turn on some tunes. Whether it’s easy listening to put you into a Zen-like calm, or fast-paced dance music that gets you up and moving, find your iPod and press play.

4. Find the fresh air. Take a brisk walk outside or open a window and take a few deep breaths. Better yet, soak up a few minutes of the sun if you can.

5. Laugh! Pop in your favorite funny movie, re-visit a few YouTube classics or ask your friends for their best jokes.


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